Lincoln Premium Poultry - Fremont, Nebraska | About Us
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About Us


Lincoln Premium Poultry is a Nebraska company established in 2016 for Costco in collaboration with Costco to serve as the poultry management company for their new poultry complex in Fremont, NE.


To learn more about the beginning days of Lincoln Premium Poultry and the process that established them in the Fremont area, please click on the following links:




Lincoln Premium Poultry’s Code of Ethics reflects the Code of Ethics held by Costco:

  1. Obey the Law
  2. Produce quality products for Costco members
  3. Take care of our employees
  4. Respect our vendors and partners


Economic Impact

As part of this project, Costco is investing over $400 million in the poultry complex, which includes a feed mill, hatchery, and processing facility.  Growers across the region will invest an additional $300 million collectively in the building of their operations on their individual farms.  In total, this combined investment is expected to generate an annual economic impact of around $1.2 billion, which is approximately 1 percent of Nebraska’s GDP.


Around 350,000 bushels of corn will be needed each week to feed the chickens, as will around 3,000 tons of soybean meal.  This grain will be provided locally through local farmers and other grain partners, as there is no rail built into this site.


As part of the infrastructure build-out, the State of Nebraska Department of Transportation recently announced a new timeline for the Fremont Southeast Beltway.  Construction for this project is slated to begin in spring of 2020 and potentially could be completed by fall of 2021.  This infusion of state dollars and local dollars into roadway development also creates additional economic activity in the region that was not originally anticipated.


The project is expected to directly impact over 16 counties in Nebraska, and several in Iowa, as the dollars generated through income on farms turn over across the region.  Additionally, Lincoln Premium Poultry and Costco will continue to utilize local vendors, suppliers, and service providers for many years to come and become a new business partner in Nebraska and Iowa.

Employment Opportunities

Lincoln Premium Poultry looks forward to providing many employment opportunities in the region.


If you are interested in a future job opportunity with our company, please feel free to share your resume with our team by e-mailing it to Jessica Kolterman at